Profile of the School

Hill View endeavours to expand the knowledge of teaching and learning processes across a broad educational spectrum, encouraging the students to step into the global platform. We bear in mind different ways to prepare our teachers to find solutions to complex problems of teaching and learning. An excellent set of qualified, competent and dedicated teachers, whose talent is constantly upgraded with refresher courses and motivation classes, is our asset.

Tranquil campus gifted with easy accessibility from all parts of the district.

Our planned information and communication Technology (ICT) facilities are excellent: an ICT suite, interactive whiteboard and high speech Broadband connection for internet access. We also have a full-time technical back up to support the children’s work and ensure the smooth running of the school network. A child is no longer an empty slate but a ‘fund of knowledge’, ‘Learn by doing’, is the essence of a constructivist class room. The test of a good teacher is not how many questions he can ask, but how many questions he inspires them to ask him.F

“ No Knowledge develops in an isolated class room. Knowledge is not the monopoly of an individual, but the collective asset of the society”. Social constructivism through constant interaction is promoted. The essence of constructivism is implemented through the process oriented activities.