Vision Mission

Education is the panacea for the development of one’s cognitive, affective and psychomotor domains. Education transforms a person into socially committed and economically viable.

‘Hill View’ is a haven for quality education. We strive for molding professionally competent and emotionally motivated citizens with high moral values.

he fact that learning has become a source of burden and stress on children and their parents is an evidence of a deep distortion in educational aims and quality. To correct this distortion we have guiding principles in curriculum.

  • Connecting knowledge to life outside the school.
  • Ensuring that learning shifts away from rote method.
  • Shift from static text to dynamic text.
  • Making evaluation more flexible with continuous and comprehensive types.
  • Nurturing democratic and secular values in every child.
  • Providing quality education to all.
  • Overall development of an individual to prepare him for life.
  • To develop human potential to meet the Global challenges.
  • Moral awareness through regular moral classes.
  • To give room for self evaluation and corrective steps.
  • To inculcate a sense of co-operation instead of competition among the peers.